Managed Services

Management & Operation of your Cloud Infrastructure

KlayyTech helps enterprises manage costs, governance and risks associated with their Azure workloads.

Managed services for Azure

Managing infrastructure in the cloud needs significant attention demanding business’s time, energy and resources. KlayyTech can help and take this load off an organization’s shoulders. As an Azure partner, KlayyTech enables businesses to realize the benefits of Azure cloud hosting through a complete range of managed services.

Azure Cloud Adoption
Service Partner’s Azure Cloud Adoption framework helps simplify cloud transformation. They help organizations accomplish technology modernization, rationalization, remediation, and migration to Azure. The Azure experts help find the right strategy and architecture to achieve stellar business results.
Automated Patching
Automated Patch deployment at Service Partner enables enterprises to focus on their priorities while being assured of the mitigation of threats arising due to vulnerabilities. It also accelerates the Vulnerability remediation for enterprises across hybrid environments.
High Availability & Backup
Service Partner enables continuous replication of enterprise data (Asynchronous and synchronous data replication, Commvault replication etc.) with high availability (99.99%) and consolidates databases into a petabyte-scale data warehouse.
Custom Configurations for Azure
KlayyTech provides customized configurations for monitoring services, OS optimization, patch management, alert response, runbooks, and deployment management.
Azure Platform Management
Configuration of Identity and Access Management for programmatically granting users access to the Azure Management Portal.
VPC (Virtual private cloud) and Network Management
Azure Infrastructure Management
KlayyTech takes care of the infrastructure monitoring and complete infrastructure management. we utilize proprietary cloud management platform, Azure native tools as well as third party tools to actively monitor organization’s cloud for fault recognition and fast response.
Automated Azure Infrastructure set-up and Management
KlayyTech helps companies build their Azure infrastructure within a week. By leveraging on bleeding-edge tools, they help them build the right infrastructure strategy using the right tools making maintenance easy.
Operating System Management
KlayyTech works with organizations to understand and build a plan to manage and operate their OS (Windows, Linux – CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE), ensuring that patches, configuration, and security concerns are handled in a timely and controlled manner.
Instrumentation and Insights
We understand that zero noise alerts are critical for microservices success. Our smart monitoring & alerting enables us to segregate real issues from noisy alerts and leads to quick identification of issues.
Keep Up with Azure’s Innovation
KlayyTech cloud architects’ team are so tuned-in with Microsoft’s latest announcements and innovations that we suggest new tools for you to try and upgrade your services when appropriate.
Planned System Downtime
Involvement in planned downtimes in non-business hours if necessary.
All activities needed for planned downtimes will be mutually agreed upon 3 working days in advance.

Speak to a Service Expert

We take the time to learn your business and provide solutions that specifically fit your business needs and goals, then offer you customized managed IT solutions to meet your specific needs.
Technical Support
Available 24/7/365 in across the MEA region, our knowledgeable tech support engineers are always available to take your call
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